Recent Before & After Photos

Mold at a Commercial Property

These pictures so the drastic changes that can take place when mold is present and after it is removed. This commercial building had water damage prior to the m... READ MORE

Fire and duct cleaning

These photos show the process of cleaning up after a fire at a local dorm. Our SERVPRO team when into the local dorm after the fire and cleaned up immediately. ... READ MORE

Rebuild after fire

These before and after photos were taken due to the aftermath of a fire. The fire was contained mainly to the kitchen after a grease fire got out of hand. Our S... READ MORE

Water damage after Storm

These photos took place after a storm hit various parts of Kentucky. In this house, there were many areas of the floor affected by the water from the storm. Som... READ MORE

Storm Damage after Natural Disaster

There are reasons hurricanes are called, “Natural Disasters”. Obviously, they cause an immense amount of disaster and devastation. Especially in Hou... READ MORE

Mold after natural disaster

Our SERVPRO team traveled to Houston, Texas to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Our SERVPRO team was down there for at least three weeks doing every... READ MORE

Saturated Ceiling

Here shows the before and after pictures of a water job in one of our territories. The result of this loss was due to a upstairs bathroom leak. As you can see i... READ MORE

Water Heater loss

This is a result of a water loss that took place in Harrodsburg, KY. The cause of this loss resulted in a water heater that exploded while no one was home at th... READ MORE

Storm Clean Up

This is the result of a flood that took place on a commercial site in Flemingsburg, KY. During the cleaning, this shows the process of us steam cleaning the flo... READ MORE

Water Job in Harrodsburg

Here is the result of a residential home that sustained a water loss in Harrodsburg, KY. This was a newly remodeled home that was getting prepared to be put on ... READ MORE